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About Us

Mission Statement

Precision Home Health Care, Inc. has a mission to reach out to families and to gain their unending trust in our team of professionals to provide them with compassionate, complete and personalized care in their homes.

Benefits of Choosing Precision Home Health Care, Inc. as your care provider:

  • Receive care in the more comfortable, less costly environment of home.
  • Your care is supervised by your own personal physician. We do not ask you to switch doctors.
  • Our professionals can make multiple visits spread over weeks or months to ensure your recovery proceeds according to plan.
  • We teach health and safety strategies taught in the environment in which they will be used –the home itself.
  • Home health care reduces stress on both patients and caregivers.
  • Care at home helps maintain your independence and dignity.
  • Institutionalization can be postponed or avoided.

Do You Need Home Health?

  • Are you seeking to reduce a stay in a hospital or nursing home?
  • Are you recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery?
  • Are you managing a chronic condition, such as diabetes, that presents a likelihood of worsening and requires close monitoring?
  • Do you have a wound that will not heal?
  • Do you need physical, occupational, or speech therapy?
  • Have you recently suffered a stroke or other impairment?
  • Has your diet or medication been changed?
  • Have you recently suffered a fall, or are you experiencing difficulty walking?

Then our home health services can benefit you.